Call for Papers

We seek papers that address theoretical, experimental, systems-related and regulatory issues in the area of dependability and survivability of communication networks, end-systems and infrastructure.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following areas.

  • Operational aspects:

    • Fault management, monitoring, and control
    • Methodologies, equipment and technology for network survivability
    • Survivability of optical and multi-layer networks
    • Reliability of wireless access and mesh networking
    • Resilient wired access networking
    • Dependability of cellular/mobile networks including horizontal handover
    • Resilience of multi-domain connections in the Internet
    • Reliability of emerging technologies (e.g., network virtualization, thin client architectures)
    • Survivability in grid and distributed computing
    • Network dependability in cloud computing
    • Management of survivable networks
  • Theory and modeling:

    • Network reliability analysis
    • Methods and theory for survivable network and systems design, analysis and operation (including scalability and complexity)
    • Planning and optimization of reliable networks, systems, and services
    • Simulation techniques for network resilience
  • Services:

    • Reliability requirements and metrics for individual users, businesses, and the society
    • Restoration of services under various types of failures
    • Service differentiation based on recovery methods
    • Dependability of networked applications
    • Recovery of overlay and peer-to-peer networks
    • Application and service-specific survivability techniques
    • Survivability of multimedia networks including voice over IP, IPTV, and contents delivery
    • Reliability and resiliency of data center networks
    • Robustness of compound services
  • Broad context:

    • Telecommunication networks as an element of critical national infrastructures
    • Public policy issues for survivability and resilience
    • Standardization of network resilience and reliability
    • Network resilience combined with economics and commercial issues
    • Quality of experience and network survivability
    • Security issues in networks and their relation to survivability
    • Dependability and energy consumption trade-offs
    • Risk and reliability in the Internet and enterprise networks
    • New and emerging threats

The best paper award will be granted. Papers of special merit will be considered for a fast track publication in the Computer Communications journal.

To guarantee the high visibility of the conference, the proceedings will be available through IEEE Xplore.

Before submitting papers, please read Author Guidelines carefully. They include important items for authors to pay attention.